Wedding Cake by the Pound


Choosing the dessert for your wedding isn’t always a piece of cake. Planning a wedding in Portland the options for food were seeming endless. I knew I wanted something people would actually eat. Every wedding I have ever been to nobody ever eats the cake. And since this is the same city internationally known for Voodoo Donuts I wanted to incorporate that into the decision.

Like every other vendor I had selected for the wedding I had a specific process. I would go to Google and type in “Best (insert vendor here)”. So when I typed in “Best Wedding Cake in Portland” I was thrilled to find La Jaconde Cakes

In awe of the towering deliciousness

Her cakes were sky-high layers of ruffled buttercream creations. I was only intended to do a quick consultation and tasting but I totally fell in love with everything we created.
When I sat down I explained that I wanted something unique and I had been thinking about working donuts into dessert somehow. Jutta aka “Cake Lady” pretty much responded like “Say no more.” 

She broke out her colored pencil and sketch paper, the same tools she used to create buildings in her former profession as an architect, and drew a replica of what my cake would potentially look like.

Photo Credit: Meredith Bacon

She sketched out a drawing of a multi-tiered cake. There were alternating layers of textured buttercream to give the creation a classy aesthetic, then she left room for the donuts to make a layer, and then another layer of buttercream in a different flavor, and more donuts. The first layer was a “Honey Whiskey” flavor of yellow cake. The second layer consisted of a “Chocolate Pinot Noir” with the top tier being made of “Red Velvet Cream Cheese”

We tweaked the idea a bit by replacing Voodoo Donuts with Coco Donuts to make the design a bit sleeker. This was a better choice especially since Coco Donuts had a Lavender flavored icing that matched the blush and nude color vibe of our wedding.

Since I still wanted my out of town guests to experience Voodoo Donuts without having to wait in their ridiculous line during our wedding weekend, we decided to have them on display as another dessert. 

Photo Credit: Meredith Bacon


The incredible people of Pearl Catering at Urban Studio arranged everything on top of the matte sequin linen from La Tavola Fine Linen. The design was an fresher version of the sequins trend with a matte sequin in a nude color. 

Photo Credit: Meredith Bacon

In the end the “Donut Cake” ended up being an iconic dessert for an iconic wedding.

Photo Credit: Meredith Bacon

Anti-Trump Wedding


I have literally posted the following synopsis on as many sites as possible just because it was such a magical moment for both of us. I was hoping to get rich off of the clicks from the link but because of licensing issues that is not an option wahhh. So without further adieu here is the summary. I plan to count backwards and write about the do’s and don’ts of wedding stuff just because I learned a lot.We got married on May 21st, 2016 in Portland,Or. This was the ten year anniversary of when my family lost our beautiful mother in 2006 when I was living in my home state, Connecticut. A year after our own loss, Kanye West also lost the most important woman is his life, Donda West.

We (my family) had already LOVED Yeezy. Being a family of six children, we sort of mentally adopted Kanye as another one of our brothers in our imaginations. This somewhat made it feel like we could all grieve together, and coping was made a little easier especially through his music. To this day none of us can hear “Hey Mama” without shedding a tear.

People came from all over the country to witness what I liked to refer to as more of a “Love Fest” than a wedding, between my betrothed and I. Most people in attendance came in from the East Coast where weddings are almost always a lot more traditional.

Photo Credit: Meredith Bacon

As you can tell by the reaction of the wedding guests in the video absolutely NO ONE knew what song we were planning to use for the bridesmaids and the rest of bridal party to walk out to. I chose Ye not only because of what he symbolizes for my family and I but because we wanted to set a very specific vibe for the entire affair.

So with the help of recruited talent, DJ OG One, ( the official Portland Trail Blazers DJ) we were able to make it happen.

I almost didn’t even tell my husband prior, but a week earlier, completely at random, he asked if we could use “Dark Fantasy” (also by Kanye West) during the processional so I came clean about my scheme and he was, as always, entirely supportive.

The title of this video is called the “Trump Wedding” because that is my husband’s last name.

However, our wedding was the polar opposite of everything Donald Trump stands for with a room full of unconditionally loving and different people from varying cultural and economic backgrounds.

This gorgeous video would have never been possible without a documentary film maker I found online named Jeff Wirth from the company “Burning Hearts Media” . He made it very clear he usually does not do wedding videos but I begged him to create some lasting memories that told a story much like the videos I saw on his website and he caved to do it for us. I am so #blessed. I am thankful for all the “Feelz.”

I have been examining wedding photos for an entire year now and consuming all things bridal, yet throughout that time I never stopped to consider what a vulnerable and emotional act it is to share something so sacred with the interwebs. Some people are against the industrial wedding complex business that has become the symbol of our societies marital standard, but despite buying into all of the materialistic aspects of my nuptials I can honestly say I succeeded in what I sought out to do. And that mission was to transform the worst day of my life into the happiest. I am extremely lucky to have found love and hope that everyone that finds this video is able to feel what I felt that day.